Fire is energetic, bold and bright…impulsive, quick, fun… and very beautiful. Fire people are directly connected to the Strong electric current of the sun. They are Spirit Power- embodied. Fire is inspiration and adventure. Don’t apologise for taking up space and being big. The worst thing for fire people is to be told to sit still, or be quiet, as it’s impossible for them-they have ants in their pants. 
All fire people need to move to feel good. They are physical beings who enjoy touch and sex, and would prefer a physical connection over a purely intellectual one. Emotional transparency is very important for fire people- why try to hide things? They can’t- so it’s confusing for them when someone else has a hidden agenda… Why? Fire people value Honesty above all else. If you’re fake you’re out, probably before you were ever in. No pretence allowed.  
The “fire cycle” of life would be the evening activities of celebration and joy: gathering and eating, joking, drinking, dancing, making love, enjoying, singing loud, and just having Fun. Sometimes we forget the fire cycle because we are too pre-occupied with work, the earth element. For fire people, having fun and going on adventures is an absolute necessity. 
However at the low road- it all backfires- over doing the fire element means all of life becomes a party,  addiction to drugs and alcohol is very common for fire people as they are so impulsive- at the low road they just want to escape. Abusive relationships can be another terrible addition for a fire person. 
Lack of fire, however can show up for a person as low or no motivation… and in worst case… depression- when all of life is loosing its zest and flavour. Needless to say this dramatic and fast moving elementis not the easiest one for a person to balance- as it is so powerful! 
Fire is the Joy of being alive, showing up, showing off, standing out, expressing. Fire people are often suppressed- as people are very jealous of them. Fire people get most projections thrown at them in the style of: “who do they think they are?” Well…probably an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius whose fire your boring ass can’t handle… 😂  
I will write more about Sagittarius below, as it is Sagittarius season 22 nov- 21 dec this year!

Sagittarians have a big personality. They are funny, witty and bold, very honest about their oppinions. Need freedom to explore life their way and are uncomfortable with rules and societal norms. They inspire people by their lightness and joy for life, their jokes, wit and uplifting words are a treat for us… They wake you up with their radiant energy, as is a fire sign mission. As a mutable sign they have many interests at the same time… and an appetite for learning and experiencing life. Freedom- travel- leaps of faith- release of control- see the bigger picture, are a few Sagittarian key- words. Go bigger and aim higher. Exansion of knowledge and consciousness is their mission.

A truth seeker who take action impulsively and speak without filter. Fire element rules this energy that has a deep reverence for all sacred nature traditions and spirituality of all cultures- continiously seeking  understanding of human nature. 
Jupiter rules Sagittarius. If you are born in any sign but have Jupiter next to your sun this will give you Sagittarius energy, same if you have your Moon in Sag, or Sag rising. Joyful personality with no off-button… love indulgence: one more drink, some more food, another cookie… Love parties, festivals and wild adventures. Can easily slip in to addiction because of impulsiveness. 
Not all Sagittarians are impulsive and love to party, its possible to have sun in Sag but any other combination of energies affecting you through distribution of elements, star signs, planets and houses. Not one person is the other alike. Many born under a Sagittarius sun have a strong Scorpio or Capricorn influence because they are the closest signs, and often many planets land in the neighbouring constellation to the sun’s placement. A Sag with strong Scorpio or Capricorn influence will be way more quiet and serious, for example. 
Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the 9th astrological house where travel, higher education, adventures, spiritual exploration and philosophy reside.
A life lesson for our bow is… take one extra breath and check in to stay true to yourself. Don’t use the metaphorical bow to aim high without feeling and thinking about where you are at now, and where you wanna go from here… action can come a few seconds later than you are comfortable with, it will not kill you… (this is a life lesson for me…I’m born with a full moon in sagittarius) 
More about Sagittarius 🏹
🏹  Has a random uninhibited impulse to speak, sometimes channeling their words without even thinking about it. Instinctual and psychic- as the fire element is, especially with Mercury in Sagittarius. No filter, things come out without thought. Can be loud and also clumsy… 
Sometimes exaggerating or lying- not by their own fault, more frog jumping out of the mouth and shooting from the hip type of info .. also… can be kind of assholes with their blunt honesty, which I as a Gemini find very amusing and refreshing… 🙂  
Sagittarius fire give either get up and go energy – or become lazy… They’re physical and active when they have fun, usually like adventure sports/ adrenaline rush. Lazy when there’s something they don’t like or think is fun- but “have to” do. 
They’re deeply spiritual- all about experiencing ceremonies, dance- drum journeys etc. Collecting spiritual knowledge from corners of the world and teach it or emanate the wisdom through their being.
Soulful version of this energy is: sharing knowledge and wisdom through their philosophical genius, tell the truth, stand for truth being their own authority.
Not all Fire people are quick, athletic, energetic and out going all the time. It’s possible to have different sides of you being active at different times. Speaking as an Astrologer would-  Fire combined with earth or air or water element / in combination with a stronger fire influence somewhere in the chart would create a character with various sides to their energy. This stronger fire influence could be a strongly aspected mars, a strongly aspected jupiter, a full fire house, a fire Moon or a fire Rising sign… To know what this all means- start studying by yourself, or book a reading to find out! ❤️ 
The Fire element is all about energy, motivation and life force. Take some time for exercising, moving, dancing to awaken your inner fire and calm the fire of the body- that is the blood flow, the heart and the muscles. Being close to fire, in the sunshine, lighting candles, sitting by a fireplace or a fire outdoors is a great practice to invite light to your energy field and get in contact with the fire element.

Book an Astrology Reading with me to explore where these energies are in your personal astrological chart. Your unique constitution and energetic blueprint is written in the stars. 

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