As the Sun comes in to Cancer on the 22nd of June, we have the energy shifting in to a calmer and more emotional frequency, let’s call this part of the summer the Watery Summer. This is a time for emotional awareness and sensuality, creating comfort in your surroundings and relaxing more.
The Water element is all about emotional awareness. Take some time for yourself to express your inner world and calm the waters of the body. Being in water, swimming, showering, sitting by water is a great practice to clear your energy field and get in contact with the water element.
Leo season starts 24th of July and coming in hot with not only one but TWO Full Moons in electrical Aquarius. Leo- Aquarius oppositions is high charged, fire + air, electrical frequencies. On top of this we have the Lion’s gate portal opening as Leo season begins, and this high energy manifestation portal is reaching its peak on the 8/8 New Moon in Leo. This is the Fiery part of summer where adventure, spontaneity and fun calls you.
The fire element is all about motivation, fun, creativity and expression. Exercise, go on hikes and trips, have fun and enjoy the quick and upbeat energies. Don’t forget to rest when it gets too intense, and drink loads of water during the energy peaks. 
Enjoy this magical time of summer as the earth show her beauty and light. Relax more and get outside more when ever you can. 

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