It strikes me again and again how we live with the sun. It tells us if we need to add or take of a layer of clothing, when it sets and it gets dark outside we get tired and sleep, as it rises we rise, when it’s out all summer- we wanna go out.. in the northern hemisphere in the winter, I think most people would agree that as the sun hides more for a few months, as do we feel like retreating a little more. To be in sunlight is one of the most regenerative, (if not the most), for our general health and wellbeing. Light is healing- physically, emotionally, energetically. Our cells live by light.
In astrology, the sun represents the personality and our most obvious behaviour. A reading for an Aries woman inspired me to write this text, so I’ll use an Aries sun as an example for how the sun rules our behaviour. Aries woman personality: honest, direct, outspoken, doesn’t follow the path well worn, laughs loud, funny, open, caring with a fire of love and protection burning for her close ones, can’t stand injustice on any level and always sticks up for the ones treated unfair, even people she doesn’t know. These are personality traits that were destined for her as the sun was in the constellation of Aries as she was born. 
As I look at the rest of the chart, I see what elements are most dominant for her? Water, Air, Earth, Fire…. This, the Astrologer tells from seeing what other star signs than her sun sign (in this example, Aries) are affecting her. The elements will show up in different ways depending on where the planets were at the moment of her birth, and this make her gifted in certain areas of life, these may be effortless and so easy for her- while others may admire her for these traits and wish they had that talent or trait come easy to them. Maybe so, it is more or less challenging for her in other areas, where she looks to other people and say, wow- I wish I knew how to do that. 
Finding out what element rule you the most and which one you may be missing or have little of, is a great blessing to get to know, because through that you can give in to being yourself, and also make an effort where you need to, but from a space of knowing you’re doing the best you can -and certain things are just more difficult to master than others… and- where there’s a challenge, you are learning.
Astrology is magical as well as practical..As physical as energetic 💫
The Sun, in Astrology, represents the personality and also the ego structure, which is Leo energy. We are all affected as the sun shifts signs, I like to think of the Sun as the general mood setter. The sun is in Aries first half of April and will make us feel this burst of spring in our physical bodies, and an activation is created in both mind and body. However, it won’t make us all automatically fiery and full of life, this depends on where Aries energy lands in your personal astrological chart, and how you do with these energies.
In the end of April, for the last week and a half of the month, the sun moves in to Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, creating this energy of sweetness. You may notice an earthy, slower pace of energy as the sun shifts (definitely slower compared to fiery Aries). In Taurus season we get to settle in to Spring more. We do good this season by sitting in nature, digging in the earth, creating with our hands and generally just connecting more to nature: sit and watch things grow and enjoy the smells all around us as the sprouts from Aries season turn in to fragrant flowers. Taurus love to just sit and be. Buddha was a Taurus.. did you know?
What can be motivating and completely joyful to one may be daunting to another, what calms someone may stress someone else. That’s why we need to see the elements for what they are, learn to flow with our personal constitution and accept our energy levels… This is what the personal astro readings are for, to find out your constitution of the signs and elements in your chart, and then apply the knowledge of how to balance and flow with your elements. In doing so- gently watch yourself become more fully you.  
We have a lot of air and fire in the sky all beginning of April creating lightness and both physical and mental energy. At the end of the month we will have more earth energy than fire and air, so it will probably feel more grounded and easier to focus and get things done in the end of the month.
Energies flowing in your body can be supported in any which way that feels most regenerative to you. Relax and exercise, do nothing or get things done- be true and authentic to your experience as it is, and stay in tune to what your body craves. When the energies are too high for your nervous system and you need rest, don’t push… drink extra water and sleep more. If you feel too slow and want to start your fire- put on some music and dance. There’s time to do everything you want to do. Don’t rush. Invite the light, invite the energy of new life and spring… and Enjoy this magical time of fire as the Sun returns!

Book an Astrology Reading with me to explore where these energies are in your personal astrological chart. Your unique constitution and energetic blueprint is written in the stars. 

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