Turquoise simplicity *sold out*

180 kr

** This necklace is coming back. Contact me for info. **

Simply one brown makramé thread with a naturally shaped Turquoise. Wear tight around the neck as a choker with more jewelry, or alone for a clean and beautiful look. You can adjust the length of the necklace and it’s possible to wear it longer around the neck also. Not one stone is the other alike, so the stone on your necklace will look slightly different than the ones on the provided images…Contact me if you have questions.

Turquoise is the stone that symbolises welfare, success and happiness. The beautiful colour is strong, refreshing as well as grounding. I think it is reminiscent of the clear water on a Greek island.

To me, Turquoise symbolises:
* mother earth energy and the goddess
Especially in combination with silver or gold and / or shells, I think it creates a strong feminine energy.
Price: 180 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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