Opal and Turquoise necklace

200 kr

Three small Opal stones on a single thread lace, with two Turquoise gemstones on each side finishing the necklace. An idea is to have the necklace tighter around your neck as a choker. The small stones look great close to your neck. The Turquoises can hang in the front or as a detail on your back. The lace is adjustable and you can choose the length.


Opal is a stone that harmonises with all chakras and the nervous system. This one is especially good for the head, eyes and mental realm, as most brighter light/ see-through stones are. Opal is said to aid in creativity and have healing abilities for various physical ailments. Opal contains a lot of water and it is good to sometimes soak them to prevent drying. Swim in a lake or in the sea with them, charge them in a steam or waterfall and they will retain their magic. You can air dry them afterwards. The beautiful colour reminds me of the moonlight.

Turquoise is the stone that symbolises welfare, success and happiness. The beautiful colour is strong, refreshing as well as grounding. I think it is reminiscent of the clear water on a Greek island. Turquoise however, can soak up water and break if you keep it wet for a longer period of time, so dry Turquoises thoroughly.

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