Drop of wisdom

600 kr

A big and magically shiny Labradorite gemstone, polished and shaped as a drop. With two Aquamarine gemstones on each side finishing the necklace. Brown lace with a spiral knot lace on each side of the gemstone. The lace is adjustable and you can choose the length.

Labradorite is the stone of the mystic, known to hold transformative power, wisdom and knowledge of the spirit world. The stone has a shimmer that come forth in different light conditions and different angles, some say the Labradorite is a mystic stone that got its colour from the northern lights, aurora borealis. The beautiful colour reminds me of just that, as well as the different shades of the ocean.

Aquamarine is the stone that is connected to the zodiac sign Pisces, it symbolises spirituality, creativity and dreams. The beautiful colour is a milky blue-white, refreshing yet dreamy. I think it is reminiscent of the clouds.

Price: 600 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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