season fairies *prints

200 kr

Four small size art prints of my originals… “The winter fairy”, “The spring fairy”, “The summer fairy” and “The autumn fairy”. Pictures of all four provided. Prints on paper that is climate neutral, 300 g paper. This artwork is sold as 4 small prints in postcard sizes A6 all at 10.5 x 14.8 cm.

Let the four seasons fairies lift your spirits and help you celebrate nature’s gifts in all its forms.

♡ The spring fairy is having butterflies in her stomach, and butterflies around her. You see, spring is coming, and she is very excited about it. She reminds us to play, to sit on swings, to talk to butterflies and to look at the cherry blossom while it is here, in a few weeks the wind will have taken them, so enjoy the here and now.

♡ The summer fairy is content, sitting in the forest. Her favourite place in her favourite time of the year. Nature is in full bloom and there is light, sound, buzz and colour all around her. But she herself is very quiet, she has found the stillness, even in the busiest season of them all. Enjoy yourself, is all she wants to tell you.

♡ The autumn fairy is flying on her broom among the autumn leaves, under a magical fullmoon. She is a quick little fairy who knows exactly where she is going. She flies by with a whimsical glare, saying “follow your magic”.

♡ The winter fairy is on her way to celebrate yule, but is stopped right on her path in her winter boots, because a shooting star caught her attention. In the darkest nights, stop to look at the stars, she wants to remind you to be able to slow down, to be in awe of nature.



Price: 200 kr for 4 art prints, includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions but please read all the information on delivery and material first.

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