flower fairy bracelet

200 kr

A beaded bracelet that is inspired by the flower of life sacred geometry, and natures beauty. I have made a flower fairy collection to honor the life force, the beauty that takes form when all buds burst in to flowers. This collection is playful and cute, and is an honoring to all the blossoms of spring, summer and autumn, that give colour and beauty to the world.

Beaded by hand with one Mother-of-pearl flower shaped bead in the middle, with glass beads in a light pink. Plus a few white pearly glass beads for a delicate detail. This bracelet is made to have alone for a clean look, or with more jewelry, see pictures. Click the picture and then the magnifying glass to zoom in. You can’t adjust the length of this bracelet by yourself, but the nylon cord is flexible. I make these glass bead bracelets in what appears to be “medium” size, but if you want extra small or large, please write to me, and I can make you a specific one.

Mother-of-pearl is seen as a symbol that brings prosperity. It has been shaped to beads and have been used for magic, decoration, and for jewelry making throughout the ages. Glass beads are tiny treasures that have been crafted since ancient times, and is traditionally believed to facilitate luck in business and give power to the bearer, it is possible that the different colours may have had different meanings in folklore.
Price: 200 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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