Clear Flourite and Hamsa necklace

450.00 kr

Clear Flourite wrapped in brown lace, with a Hamsa and bead cluster in brass hanging down, both the thread wrap and the bead cluster are made asymmetrical. The lace has one turquoise coloured bead on each side of the stone, and two small Turquoise gemstones end the lace on each side. Click the picture and then the magnifying glass to zoom in. All jewelry has adjustable length if nothing else is said in the product description. You can adjust the length by yourself.

Clear Flourite enhances intuition, works as a calming stone for the head that will let us think clearly and keep calm.

Much like Clear Quarts, Clear Flourite is beneficial for the crown chakra and the etheric field of the energy body.

Price: 450 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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