Chrysocolla necklace

580 kr

A necklace with a beautiful spherical Chrysocolla in colors of blue and green… In a light brown thread wrap… Brass beads in gold colour tied in on each side of the stone, and finished with Turquoise gemstones on each side.. Click the picture and then the magnifying glass to zoom in. All jewelry has adjustable length if nothing else is said in the product description. You can adjust the length by yourself.

Chrysocolla is a stone with pleasant energy, reminding us of the planet earth, with its beautiful blue green patterns and natural colour shifts. Its energy is vibrant yet calming, and it is said to soothe nervousness and re-balance all chakras. A calm agent of healing, with uplifting quality for the body and mind, it is a stone that is associated with Gemini energy of the zodiac, and you with a lot of mental energy- air element – will probably feel soothed by this stone.
Price: 580 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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