angel sphere

220 kr

A beautiful, tiny choker necklace. Made with a small Angel Aura sphere bead with some pearly sheen glass beads on a white macrame string. This necklace is neat and small, made to have tight as a choker, alone for a clean look, or with more jewelry. Made with a high quality clear Angel Aura Quartz bead that has rainbow shimmer, glass beads and a bead of Kunzite finishing the necklace on each side, these can hang in the front or on your back as a nice detail… Click the picture and then the magnifying glass to zoom in. All jewelry has adjustable length if nothing else is said in the product description. You can adjust the length by yourself.

Angel Aura Quartz is my favourite stone right now (shared 1st place with Clear Quartz). It is actually a Clear Quartz crystal that is heated up with metals such as platinum and silver to the surface of the stone, which gives an enchanting effect visually. Even on an energy level, the stone’s effect is increased – alchemy and synergy are created because metals enhance the energy, effect and magic in the stone. Available both in transparent crystal and in beautiful bright colors.
Angel Aura is said to increase the connection to our spirituality. It is said to raise awareness, help with meditation and help open the energy channels in the body. It is a stone that provides pleasant protection. Carrying the stone around your neck or holding it/ having it near is perfect for you who are energetically sensitive and / or work with healing in different ways.

Price: 220 kr includes shipping. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. Contact me if you have questions, but Read information and terms here first.

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