Here is some more info about the crystals and shells that I make jewelry with. You can find all the unique jewelry in the jewelry shop. 



We will all explore and feel the effect of a crystal uniquely. The way I experience a walk in nature will be different from the way you experience it. Gemstones are little pieces of mother earth that we have the blessing to carry with us or decorate with. They emanate the healing -ions, the charge of earth that is healing to us. We all have a certain way to connect to mother earths magic through our own blueprint of energy. Our own distribution of elements: water, earth, air, fire will most likely play a role in how you connect with certain stones and why. Follow your intuition when you choose crystals. You may be drawn to a colour, a feeling, a mood that a crystal seem to give out. If you follow what makes you feel the way you want to feel for this moment in time… calm? happy? energised? you can’t go wrong.
If you feel like you need a break from your crystal- charge it in the window in the sunlight, moonlight, starlight… until it calls you back. Don’t be surprised if you go months without a stone, just as well as you maybe will wear it every day…  All gemstones regardless of make-up can be re-charged in a natural light source day or night…. However, some stones are sensitive to too much heat or sunlight exposure, look up your new gemstone’s compound to understand its properties, and what it might be sensitive to.
Bring your Clear Quartz and Angel Auras with you when you swim in natural water like sea or forest lake. They also love to trickle along with the water in a clean forest stream. Not all gemstones are good to go in water or be soaked for long because of their fragility, but you can rinse them off and then dry them. Avoid chemical schampoo, soaps, conditioner and perfume, and you stone will keep its shine. They are beings of nature, and will get dull if  tucked away in a dark wardrobe or drawer, keep them in the daylight.


To me, Amber is an ancient healing agent from the trees. It holds wisdom and calm, yet I see it as a quite energizing fire stone. I believe it is balancing our inner fire, helping us to be radiating out a calm confidence. Amber does not do well in water, keep dry. Can be charged in the sun but avoid too hot temperatures.

Angel Aura

My favourite stone. Truly a stone of magic. Helping us to connext to our spirit guides and higher self. The outermost layer of the physical body’s aura is called “the spiritual body”, and that is the layer this stone vibrates most with, clearing and recharging the fine tunes of our spiritual qualities who reside in this field. This stone Love to charge in water, and sunlight. Bring it with you on your nature adventures. This stone is a clear quartz that get its colours from being heated up with copper/ silver / platinum. It continously re-charges itself and vibrate an octave higher than clear quartz because of this. Take your necklace off if you are energetically sensitive and get dizzy or a feeling that is “too light”.

Clear Quartz

The stone of clarity and over all healing, a stone for the entire auric field and for the mental aura. Can promore clearer thinking. Clear stones are good for getting the energy up, and amplify the vibration of other stones. Love to charge in water and sunlight, bring your clear quartz with you on nature adventures. Great to charge in lakes, waterfalls, streams…  A stone that really soak up your intentions. You can program them easily with how you want to feel or send energy through them to someone you love. It is good to clear this stone from time to time if you have been out among lots of people/ traveled a lot etc. They hold a lot of energy at once.


I love this stone, the blue green variations remind me of planet earth. I think this stone give out a pleasant and soothing energy, kind of like being in nature. A stone that is very sensitive to water, keep dry.

Cowrie Shell

Shells contain ancient sea wisdom and goddess energy. The cowrie shells I make jewelry with are from magical Costa Rica. They Love to re-charge in water, their true element. 

Lapis Lazuli

A real ancient stone of healing. The intense blue colour has always been associated with magic and it has always been considered a powerful stone for over all healing- physical and spiritual. A stone that is sensitive to water, keep it dry. 


Opal is a stone that harmonises with all chakras and the nervous system. The white one  is especially good for the head, eyes and mental realm, as most brighter light/ see-through stones are. Opal contains a lot of water and it is good to sometimes soak them to prevent drying. Swim in a lake or in the sea with them, charge them in a steam or waterfall and they will retain their magic. You can air dry them afterwards. The beautiful colour of white Opal reminds me of the moonlight.

Rose Quartz

A stone for the heart and heart chakra. For self- love and healing. Charge them in water and sunlight.


Beautiful ancient Turquoise used to be a symbol of richness. I love it’s colour, reminding me of the water of a greek island. This stone can help the throuat chakra and reduce nervousness, get us more centered. It is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini, and can help clear communication. This gemstone will absorb water if you soak it, so keep it dry.

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