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Art shop

Original art on canvas and paper. Acrylic paintings in bright colours and drawings with mixed media. There is only one of each.. Have a look in the art shop…

Jewelry shop

Unique pieces handmade with love. I use gemstones and other natural materials to create magic jewelry, usually there is only one of each.  See the jewelry shop…


Read about this month’s star sign. Tips on how to flow with the element of this season that is influencing your reality according to the ancient practice of Astrology.

Welcome to Mariannes Healing Arts! I am an artist who paint, write and create jewelry with crystals. The healing jewelry pieces, unique paintings and drawings are found in the menu above. I’m also an astrologer and yoga teacher, and always interested in the mystery of life.

You can read about the star sign of the month here. Welcome to follow my instagram page to read more of my texts about Astrology and all things spiritual. There you may also see the newest jewelry before it lands in the shop, and get inspired by colourful artworks in progress… Info about events, markets where I sell art and more is also posted there. 

with love

Have a look to find your perfect gemstone jewelry piece… Or look for inspiration to order something custom.

Mariannes Healing Arts would like to inspire you.

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