Taurus season 20 april – 21 may. Look outside in nature today, and see if this is the season of beauty? I certainly think so. It is long awaited signs of life, love and beauty popping out of the earth everywhere. Sounds of birds coming back, light coming back, new life being born.
Taurus is in a way the most important sign, as it rules safety and embodiment. So much of our spirutual practices can take us out to space. What’s it all worth if we cant feel safe to express ourselves here and now, as we are.. on earth… Buddha was a taurus. The teachings of slow and simple has lived on and will continue to do so, because it’s working.
Taurus people are the most adorable and loyal humans. They’re often a little insecure as to if they have enough, are doing well enough or are pretty enough. I’m telling you all. You are more than enough. A mix of earth power and venus delight ~ the rest of us marvel at the beauty of not only your integrity and physical form, but also your energy!

The earth element and specifically through the energy of Taurus, is all about grounding, working with the hands, and manifesting a peaceful and stable day- to-day existence. Make some extra time to take care of the physical body, the home and garden with it’s plantlife. This month is made for sowing seeds and also enjoying… Enjoy the beauty of nature, the sun coming back, the animals coming out. To enjoy you need you need slow down… and see… and listen, Taurus wisdom is slow and steady wins the race. To taste good food and sweetness is a great way to treat yourself during this month. A time to be slow and sensual, to work with the hands, making things thouroughy from scratch, creating stability for the future. 🌱


Gemini season 21 may – 21 june. Gemini energy is hard to define. Everything you can say that’s true about a Gemini, also then, the opposite might also be true. We don’t have that one signature thing like Aquarius = the weirdo, or Pisces = the dreamer… We are the weirdos and the dreamers, and also super logical…smart.. sharp, silly and whimsical and so clumpsy. Friendship is our soul food, laughter our medicine. Gemini is ruled by quick moving planet Mercury. Gemini used to be ruled by Venus, Geminis radiate a quality of sweetness and have artistic abilities. We have a rich inner life of creativity and imagination that is deep and existential. Gemini is the sign that rules consciousness and knowledge. Learning and teaching. Communication and multitasking.
We sense a weirdness present internally, and often wonder if anyone notice it…  Gemini is here to be childish, funny and lighten up the mood. Has a reputation of being shallow, but that is not true. Gemini don’t show their depth, only to trusted ones, and are loyal to those who earned their trust. We love being close, hate feeling stuck, hate rules and are of 100% certainty that “adult life” is a scam. Gemini is the eternal child.
Like shape shifters we scan situations, morphing in to the version of us that is suitable. We change, shift, and breeze by carelessly, always seeming to fit in, but rarely feeling like we do unless surrounded by family or friends. A danger in this gift can be confusion + feeling scattered- if we don’t find our center… We need to learn slowing down + meditation, which is boring- we always want something going on… ’cause it’s fun, but it’s also to cover up our nervous tension. Love coffee, sweets, jokes, constant chatter, sound…So that our outside environment match our busy thought process. We relax in chaos and buzy-ness, information input and creativity.
Gemini is the first and youngest Air sign..think of the way the air element moves- constantly.. all around. Cannot be defined or boxed in.. it’s ever changing and give space for the other elements to move- air moves the water and adds oxygen to the fire…
Geminis are the endless students of life, and therefore have a hard time claiming authority. We are really smart, but never see our excellence ourselves. We know we have zero focus or discipline internally, and we are the most easily distracted. So we don’t understand how we even get things done. Becuase we can multitask, we question our talent… We can absorb info quickly and learn at a fast rate, and if you have sun + mercury in Gemini, you have in some cases photographic memory for learning and repeating information, when you are really interested in the subject. Where we placed our keys or that we burned the food we forgot we cooked, is a different story. 
The air element is all about communication, joy, energy movement, creativity and ideas. Make some extra time to take care of the mental part of your body this month. The “air cycle” of life is the daytime of using your creative mind to find solutions, planning, gathering information for purpose (and for fun), socializing, joking, and having fun. Early summer is usually a time of parties and events, within family and friend circles- that is Geminis area. Being together and a lot going on is usually a signature of the busy month of may. A great idea for each air season is to write more. Write down your thoughts, ideas, and plans to de-clutter the mind and create more space and peace.  🌬


Cancer season 22 june – 22 july. One of the strongest energies of the zodiac is the water sign Cancer! They are described as super sensitive, but they are generally under-estimated as not many talk about the immense strenght they carry also. They are of cardinal (leadership) energy. Cancers take the workload and take care of everyone they consider family- which may include animals, plants and the people in their surroundings, weather they are related or not. With a Cancer around we are all fed, warm, cozy- and somehow they worked full time and listened to all our problems and made us feel seen meanwhile? Cancer is the mother energy archetype, ruled by the mystical Moon. The Moon rule our hormonal bodily cycles, the tides of the waters on this planet, and the Moon rules the calendar time as well (in union with the sun of course). The energy of the Moon is cool and quiet, but indeed very powerful.

Mid-summer during Cancer season is a gorgeous time to make rituals, celebrations and create space for enjoying nature in it’s brightest, most blooming season of fullness. Enjoy this magical time as the earth show her beauty and light. Relax more and get outside more when ever you can.
Cancers and people with a strong signature of this energy are the open hearted healers, intuitive caretakers and sensitive souls, who may soak up energy from their surroundings like sponges… A strong signature of this energy is you with lots of planets in Cancer, Cancer risings, or you with lots of planets in the 4th house of Cancer. Yet another example is all people born under a New Moon: when the sun- your personality- and the moon- your emotional temperament = Cancer energy, act as one)… Cancers are great healers or therapists, and have an interest in the human psyche, in what it means to be human, an interest for human history, and why we act as we act. They are often effected by the collective consciousness and are therefore usually night owls, loving being up at night when it’s quiet in the collective energyfield in their area. 
I always advice these people to practice the notion of “clean water”- clearing their energy fields with swimming, showering, sauna, cold water, hot water baths and walking in nature by water to name a few examples. Cancers Love when they get this advice- they light up and say: I LOOVE water. It’s so cute and gets me smiling every time.  Being in natural water clears and amplifies your own energy and intertwine you with the healing vibration of mother earth (- ions).
The water element is all about emotional awareness, sensitivity, creativity and healing. Make some extra time to take care of the emotional body this season, and slow down the pace as much as possible to land in the body, have awareness of your feelings and your inner world. Each water season is a gift and an opportunity to get to know yourself better through narrowing down worldly tasks and visit your inner world more often. Take notice of dreams, write down your feelings, spend time in solitude, in nature, turn of social media and re-charge your nervous system through rest and meditation.💧


Leo season 23 july – 23 august. Shining Leo. Ruled by the sun, firery electrical current of life force energy. Fixed and stubborn, loud, funny, friendly, rules beauty, artistry, actors, the “here I am – look at me” energy we all cary more or less of. Leos are secretly insecure, did you know? They like to be seen, but mostly when they play a role in work, lead a group, are in a professional setting, other times they can be more private. Leo energy rule confidence, creativity, play, ability to enjoy and encourage others enjoy, fire signs spread energy, this is what you are asked to do as a Leo.

Leo protect what is sacred to them and are proud of their relationships to the people they love. They are very loving, but don’t mess with their friends or family- think of a Lion roaring- you don’t want an angry Leo to deal with.
Leo energy is bold, beautiful, take up space and have an artistic flare. If you have your Moon placement in the sign of Leo, this is a higher frequency of emotional energy: feeling at a faster rate and more intense than others..because of this, tend to be a little dramatic, in true Leo way… 
Leos are funny, and as all fire signs, very blunt and very honest. Leos love to tell stories, talk about their life and feelings- everything is the best that ever happened or the worst that ever happened, it is dramatic to see a Leo in action, truly like watching a show.
Of course, it’s possible for a Leo to be very shy and quiet, their fire could have been put out due to trauma, having been quieted down as children, societal imprinting, social conditioning .. (or maybe they have an astro chart full of water energy?)… To re-activate Fire energy in your life, the advice is always to move, dance, sing, have intimacy, practice taking up space- and connect to Fire through candles and making fires..For Leos could be added to take acting classes, having teachers and mentors in the creative endeavours they wish to awaken and proceed in.
The fire element is all about activity, joy, movement and manifesting. Make some extra time to take care of the physical body this month and tend to your energy field through movement- the most important thing is to move energy and have fun, if it makes you sweat too, that is a bonus. The “fire cycle” of life would be the evening activities of celebration and joy: gathering and eating, joking, drinking, dancing, making love, enjoying, singing loud, and just having Fun. Sometimes we forget the fire cycle because we are too pre-occupied with work, the earth element. For fire people, having fun and going on adventures is an absolute necessity. 🌼

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