Delivery is included in the price. Prices are in SEK. I am packing and sending all items by myself upon your order. Jewelry is sent as letters in waterproof envelopes, paintings and drawings sent in flat packages. Your package is sent from Sweden. 

If you want to add an insurance to your letter or package, you are welcome to pay the extra fee before I send it to you. Write me for details on this.

Depending on where you live and what product you ordered, be a little patient with your delivery time! Jewelry packages tend to arrive fairly quickly, but please note that A3 or bigger size Art will not fit in your mailbox, so look out for the notice to go and pick it up at your nearest post office, and allow a bit longer shipping for big packages…

Estimated time for shipping…

For Sweden delivery is around 7- 14 workdays.

For within Europe allow 14 workdays.

Outside Europe allow 14- 21 workdays.

NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGE! Think thoroughly before you shop, make sure you’re 100 % happy with your purchase 🙂 

I make secure packages, but if your item arrives damaged somehow, contact me directly so that I can help you- please call me in this case to get help asap. 

Your personal information and order safety: personal data that you provide when you make your order is collected to process your order only. It is automatically stored in the database, yet it will not be used in any way by the company after your order is sent.

Have in mind that colour and light settings on your screen may differ from how the items really look. Structure of paper and canvas may also look different from pictures. Contact me if you need advice or are unsure of something regarding the piece you are interested in. All art is unique and original. Measurements of the art are always provided in description. Jewelry have adjustable length, if nothing else is written in the product description. I provide a few pictures of the jewelry piece, contact me if you want to know anything more before you shop. Read more below on the materials I use for art and jewelry! 

Terms for all art: May not be copied, photographed, scanned or printed with intention of selling or spreading. May not be sold or spread in digital or printed format. Contact me if you have questions.



Acrylic colour from Daler & Rowney and Amsterdam All Acrylics. Posca uni pens, Liquitex spray paint and acrylic pens.

Aquarelle colour from Winsor & Newton.

Paper Daler & Rowney “system 3″ acrylic paper, 230 g, acid free for A3 and A4 mixed media drawings. Other paper is high quality watercolour paper in cotton from St. Cuthberts Mill and Archers for watercolour originals. Other paper is mixed media paper in cotton, both acid and chlorine free. If you are buying a print and not an original, the paper quality for that specific print will be mentioned in the product description.

Canvas 100 % cotton, acid and chloride free. 




Waxed polyester thread. Linhasita from Brazil, the famous brand for making high quality makramé and other jewelry. I chose this thread since it with stands water, salty water, sun and it is generally very strong and lasting in terms of colour and texture. Even so, avoid soap, chemicals, schampoo and conditioner and your jewelry will last its shape, size and colour way longer. I make adjustable, safe and long lasting locks for your jewelry.

Cowry shells. From Costa Rica, even bought in Costa Rica.

Glass pearls: Traditional Czech glass beads. For elastic glass bead bracelets transparent nylon cord is used.

Gemstones. Nature’s own beauties I use for my crystal jewelry. Raw or polished, different sourcing. For each piece of jewelry in the shop you will find a description of the specific gemstone so that you can make a good decision. General advice for cleaning gemstones: clean it simply with water, you can wipe the stone gently with a soft fabric or cloth, or let it dry in the sun. Your gemstone will have a brighter shine if you keep it in the daylight instead of a dark drawer or closet. Please research the specific stone you bought, so you know how to store and clean it, charge it and handle it. Each gemstone has its unique chemical compund, energy and ability to transmit energy to you. It’s both fun and useful to know more about your gemstones… Gemstone books or internet are great ways to learn.

Beads, pendants, details in brass are bought in Costa Rica. The iconic goddess eye beads are bought in Greece, on Crete, in coastal towns of Italy as well as Spain. On the goddess eye jewelry, you can read in the description why this is special to me.

Copper thread I use sometimes, to make wraps for the crystals. Copper, silver and gold enhance the stones abilities to positively affect your energy field, because the metals have different properties to lead the charge of the stone onwards. Each piece of jewelry has its description of the material used. (Usually copper, sometimes silver thread is used… Non tarnish copper wire in different colours, or copper thread that will naturally oxidise…)

Beads, pendants, details 2nd hand! Some are second hand findings, parts from other jewelry bought second hand or gifted to me. Brass, gemstones, silver etc – the material will always be in the description of each piece of jewelry. If your piece has second hand material it will be mentioned in the description. This is one of the ways I work environmentally friendly… I find it is wonderful to re-use stones, beads or pendants, as long as they are in great condition of course. Ask if you have questions. 



Chosen with consideration for the environment. The Packaging: envelops or cartons for art, and plastic envelops for jewelry (that I use to be sure the delivery will be water proof) are all recycled material. Labels for your adress I have not found of recycled material yet, but the ones I do have are chloride free and the glue is free from solvents. Please re-use or recycle the packaging material.